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SLÁVA kamarády!

Attention all beings, we want all you metacosmic freaks to get up to get down with us. It made me cry and it shook my skull when I realized that there are 3 new Lps coming out in the next couple of weeks from your fellow acid tripper HLAVA! Listening to all 3 releases upside down the last months made me feel like sitting in a flying saucer in a German gas-tight chemical protective on LSD.

First of all we got No.005 - Peter Frohmader´s NEKROPOLIS 1984 LP called "Studio Glashütte".
As you can imagine this is a long lost and never released diamond in the German Dark – Progressive AvantRock library. "Studio Glashütte" was recorded in 1984 and contains 8 songs and instruments such as bass, fretless bass, stick, electronics, ac. piano, drums, percussion and alto sax. If you are familiar with Frohmader's work this release might be one of his most rhythmically bass-driven and "Zeuhlish" outputs.

The next one is No.006 – CREMATOR LP called "Clear Air Turbulence". I am very proud to introduce to you CREMATOR, a one-man band and chief visionary behind this London-based all analogue synth project . His debut release, "Clear Air Turbulence", is stately, direct, and stylistically interwoven. It runs the gamut of psychedelia, trance, and meditation, but always retains its melancholic and atmospheric beauty. It's a homage to the early analogue-synthesizer era with all the pathos you expect from the records of that time. 8 songs / 38:08 minutes of pure fascination.

And last but not least is No.007 – VAS DEFERENS ORGANIZATION 12" called "Keep Shoving Those Double-Thick Slices Of Electronic Salad Down My Throat". I think I don´t need to introduce you to VDO and the artists Matt Castille and Eric Lumbleau behind this project, as well as many others including the Reading this 12"-title says it all: The whole record is a wonderful mix of serious psych that doesn't take itself too seriously. An electronic space freakout with repeating synth lines and loops, and other assorted odd sounds linked with the vibe of taking too many hallucinogens that have a direct and explicit influence on the nature of what you can expect will be your reaction while listening to these tunes. Being familiar with the VDO back catalogue, it is obvious that these 6 songs are for sure the weirdest and most bizzare compositional work so far.

All the new releases will be limited to 150 copies – some coloured and some black vinyl and all three are taking shape as we speak, so watch out for these latest wonders dropping onto your turntable very shortly.

Stay cool.


The Rashomon - ashcan copy Lp is sold out now. Thank you for your support. Visit HLAVA at Soundcloud!



The testpressings of Rashomon´s Ashcan Copy just arrived and sound very promising. The release date will be the 4th of April 2011. Since there was a huge positive feedback and since 1/3 of this record has been sold already without even doing pre-orders and big advertisement for it I guess that it is ok if you write me a mail to hold you a copy back before it is sold out completely. Payment will be accepted after the 4th of April, though!

Get in touch with me via:

That´s it so far!


Happy new ear Baldur´s sons, Perun´s daughters and the rest of you. It is time again to announce another blood and thunder. RASHOMON´s – Ashcan Copy (Film Music Vol. 3) will be Hlava´s 004th sacrifice.

After Matt Thompson´s escape from planet ZG he began his journey to conquer our own planet with Rashomon. His way hither led him via „The Ruined Map (2007 Mirrors Rec. (UK))“ and „The Finishing Line (2010 Hinterzimmer Rec. (Ch))“ directly to the temple. Here he unveils „Ashcan Copy“, his third and newest effort to win control of form and time. His implements are the creepiness, the terrifying and the unpredictable – proverbially, the dread! An amalgam of 70s prog soundtracks, Transylvanian Folk, grotesque images and anxiety.

“Rashomon explores cinematic atmospheres in a range of different, discomfiting ways.” (Dusted)

“A splendid tribute to the haunting, memory-distorting power of nostalgia.” (Boomkat)

“Not a soundtrack so much as an impressionistic reinterpretation, it encompasses ultra-slow Lynchian doom jazz, duelling guitar skronk, synapse-drenching high-pitched buzz, atonal hellscapes and harps falling down cellar stairs” (Rock-A-Rolla)

“This is not an album for Marillion fans” (Planet Mellotron)

Limited to 150 transparent copies with handnumbered insert housed in a PVC bag. 8 songs / 41:04 minutes. Release date will be April, more infos about the exact release date will follow soon. Go to the “irregular” section to read what the press has to say about Ashcan Copy and listen to some Mp3s in the “direct” section.



Just a short note from your fellow acid tripper HLAVA.
The Steve Moore Demo 2003 Lp will go on sale this Friday April 4th.
The price is 15,- Euro + shipping. Visit the Homepage for the payment-informations. Conspiracy Records will take care for the main distribution again so feel free to order from them as well.
There are a few Guapo Black Oni Lps left so in case you are still missing this baby I can combine these two records.

So far


It's time once again. After months spent under the spell of the literary magic that is the highly impressive "Ultimus Paganorum", and after countless temple-rituals, the hour has come for an artist whom with great esteem I zealously embrace into my life.
I am talking about Steve Moore - also known for his work with Zombi.
Steve Moore captivated me in 2008 with an album which had been completed more than five years prior, but was only available in a very limited amount.
This very demo (2003), will be released on April 4, 2008, as a limited edition (500 copies) long-playing record on coloured, 180 gram heavy and holy quartz.
The album contains 10 songs, all of which were on the initial demo that was released as a limited 50 copies cd-r, as well as a bonus track, "Fever Dream" which is exclusive to this LP version.
For more information, mp3 excerpts, press info, etc.. please visit the following website to gather your own impressions.

Nech nám to aj dalej dobré šlape


The universe is on our side now and time has come to announce that after two years of work GUAPO´s 'Black Oni' vinyl version is on its way to the pressing plant. Therefore it is merely a trivial puzzle until we finally can take the step to let this - out of a world of images into a world of incarnation - become real.
The album has been given a makeover with doctored artwork strategies, sonic treatments and revised mastering. The result is absolutely exhilarating.
Conspiracy Records from Antwerp will take care of the worldwide distribution.

Black Oni is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, 180g white vinyl and super-deluxe gatefold jacket. Release date: 12.12.07

To pre-order the album check this page:

All HLAVA releases can be ordered directly from me. Check the "irregular" section for my prices and the "now" section for my shipping + handling duties. Discounts for large quantities are possible !
Inquiries from distributors are going to be forwarded to !
Usually payment in advance is necessary.
Methods of payment : Paypal, bank transfer, conceiled cash, (no cheques)!

I'd like to mention that the AIDAN BAKER + LEAH BUCKAREFF / DATASHOCK live collaboration one sided picture 12' was sold out within two hours on its release date 2007/08/08. Thank you very much! As there will be no second pressing the artists agreed to upload the 16 minutes long collaboration and provide it for listening: [hosted at rapidshare]

Inspired by the words of the great German writer Ludwig Klages, I'd like to say:
Hold yourself ready and appreciate the moment of conception.
And in case this moment should never come, nonetheless you have done the very thing you could do to safe your soul.


HLAVA is pleased to unveil the AIDAN BAKER + LEAH BUCKAREFF / DATASHOCK live collaboration one sided picture 12” on the 08.08.2007. Unfortunately we have only 93 copies left out of 100 because of some weird vibes from the highly original mind of planet ZG. The 12” is limited to one per customer and the price is 17,-- Euro + postage + handling.


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- If you bank transfer or PayPal please make sure to cover all additional costs like fees. (Make sure to include 5% extra handling costs that PayPal charges me for the transfer.)
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If you have a question feel free to get in touch.

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First update after a long time:
The GUAPO – Black Oni Lp is in the works now and the mastering CD is on its way to my place. The release will mostlikely be at the end of this summer/beginning of autumn. I will inform you about the exact date of release as soon as possible. But first of all there will be an unheralded release: AIDAN BAKER + LEAH BUCKAREFF / DATASHOCK performing a live improvisation in Darmstadt. For more information about this one-sided picture LP check the “irregular” section. It is limited to 100 copies and will be available in august when DATASHOCK will go on tour. Ordering will be possible only from HLAVA or MEUDIADEMORTE, with whom I collaborated on this project. The MIASMA AND THE CAROUSELL OF HEADLESS HORSES - Perils LP will be released by Rise Above Records and the PSYCHIC PARAMOUNT - Gamelan Into Mink Supernatural Lp will be released by Thrill Jockey Records. However, I will work on other projects together with these two bands.

Next update coming soon!