Vas Deferens Organization     007
    Vas Deferens Organization
    Keep Shoving Those Double-Thick Slices Of Electronic Salad Down My Throat

    18,-- Euro + postage + handling.

    All Instrumentation by Eric Lumbleau and Matt Castille in the swamps
    of St. Rose, LA, Spring 2004.
   Mastered by Vas Deferens Organization (Eric Lumbleau, Christopher Moock & Matt
    Castille) in 2011.
    Original front and rear cover artwork by Eric Lumbleau, designed and modified
    by Matt Castille

Precariously poised on the precipice of vertiginous queasiness and sensual delirium, dissociative panic and gates-open epiphany, where the slithering nocturnal tendrils of boundary dissolution give way to a collapse into knowing giggles and louche merriment; at just that intersection, Vas Deferens Organization lay in repose, blowing air kisses at the initiated on the the edge of civilizations collapse and beguilingly beckoning you to lacquer your senses in a bath of discontinuous anti-logic and puckish merriment as they pirouette on the lip of psychosis just for the irreverent hell of it. Expect collapsing wormholes disguised as whoopee cushions and that tell-tale prickly butterfly-in-stomach anticipation of a tumble over the edge, as an endless succession of daisy chained acid abysses await your seasoned earholes.

Limited to 150 hand-numbered copies / black vinyl / 45 rpm.

Cremator     006
    Clear Air Turbulance

    18,-- Euro + postage + handling.

    Music by Matt Thompson 2011
    Mix by Jaime Gomez Arellano 2011 @ Orgone Studios London
    Instrumentation : MiniMoog, Mellotron, Roland Jupiter 8, SCI Prophet 5, SCI Pro One,
    Moog Taurus bass pedals, Roland Juno 6, ARP Odyssey, Solina String Machine
    Designs by Matt Thompson

"Clear Air Turbulence" is nine tracks of hazy arpeggios, harmonic layers and all-analogue synth bliss. Created by Matt Thompson (also of RASHOMON and ZOLTAN) in his London studio with banks of malfunctioning vintage keyboards, the LP is a widescreen fantasia of melancholy beauty, interwoven with intimations of cosmic dread.

Mainlining the psychedelic meditations of 1970s kosmische, the music variously recalls the proto-ambience of Klaus Schulze and Cluster, the dystopian sci-fi ragas of Heldon and the relentless motion of Philip Glass.

9 songs / 38:08 minutes, orange vinyl and limited to 150 hand-numbered copies.

Nekropolis     005
    Nekropolis 1984
    Studio Glashuette

    18,-- Euro + postage + handling.

    Peter Frohmader: Bass, Fretless Bass, Stick, Electronics, Ac. Piano
    Hubel Greiner: Drums, Percussion
    IUlrike Schimpf: Alto Sax     Recorded 1984 at Studio Glashütte, Pfalz, Germany.
    c 1984 Nekropolis Musikverlag GEMA LC 7651
    Cover painting by Peter Frohmader. " The Red World " c 1983

German musician Peter Frohmader has been exploring the dark side of life for more than 30 years, since releasing the first NEKROPOLIS album in 1981. His extreme style of bass guitar is still prominent, but Frohmader's placid, ambient surroundings are replaced with darker, more rhythmical landscapes via his use of electronics and acoustic piano as well as Hubel Greiner's percussion and Ulrike Schimpf´s alto saxophone. The result is an oppressive record that edges onto obscure "Zeuhlish" terrain.

HLAVA proudly presents to you this masterpiece, finally made available after 28 years of living a secret existence!

8 songs / 34:40 minutes, red vinyl and limited to 150 hand-numbered copies.

Rashomon     004 [sold out]
    Ashcan Copy (film music volume 3)

    17,-- Euro + postage + handling.

    Music by Matt Thompson
    Mix by Jaime Gomez Arellano
    Instrumentation : Mellotron, Fender Rhodes, guitars, bass, zither, bowed psaltery,     percussion, MiniMoog, Moog Taurus bass pedals, jaw harp, harmonium, autoharp,
    and some other stuff

Rashomon is the brainchild of London-based Matt Thompson. A founding member of Guapo, he has been developing the Film Music series under the Rashomon name since 2004. Previous instalments have been inspired by the bizarre narrative discontinuities of directors such as Hiroshi Teshigahara and Albert Zugsmith (The Ruined Map : Film Music Vol. 1) and highly disturbing 1970s public information films (The Finishing Line : Film Music Vol. 2).

Over a year in the making, Ashcan Copy (Film Music Vol.3) contains interpretations of music from unreleased films from Italy, Japan and the USA (among others), dating from the 1950s to 1970s and sourced from film archives across Europe. These eight tracks expand on the source material to include elements of noise, folk, psychedelia, prog and jazz noir, while still remaining faithful to their origins. Unavailable in any other format and largely unknown until now, this music can at last be heard.

For fans of Ennio Morricone, Goblin, Popol Vuh and Bohren und der Club of Gore.

Limited to 150 copies!

steve moore     003
    Steve Moore
    Demo 2003

    15,-- Euro + shipping + handling


    All instrumentation, production,
    mastering and designs by Steve Moore.

You may have already heard Steve Moore's work as one-half of the unbelievably awesome prog-rock instrumental duo Zombi, or through his phenomenal first solo-album called "The Henge" (Relapse/Static Caravan, 2007). Now Moore gives us "Demo 2003," a re-issue of his first solo recordings from the turn of the millenium. In contrast to Zombi's tightly structured progressive epics, "Demo 2003" is an exploratory, psychedelic meditation. Over the course of its 10 tracks, including the previously unreleased "Fever Dream", "Demo 2003" explores psychedelic paths through dark atmospheres and drifting harmonies. Smaller in scale than "The Henge," these tracks document Moore's initial fascination with analog synthesizers, focusing more on experimental timbres and droning ambience than on composition or form. This is why this long-player becomes the soundtrack of the mind. It is paranoid, monumental music that hypnotizes the listener with an unholy mix of gloomy, nightmarish, electronic ambiences and the neverending and almighty cosmic beauty.

Limited to 500 copies!


guapo     002 [sold out]
    Black Oni

    17,-- Euro + postage + handling.

    Daniel O’Sullivan: Rhodes, Keyboards, Electronics
    James Sedwards: Bass, Electronics
    Dave Smith: Drums, Percussion
    Kavus Torabi: Guitar

Here at last, Guapo´s "Black Oni" on handnumbered limited edition 180g white vinyl. Originally released on CD by Mike Patton´s Ipecac Records in 2005, this record is the second in a recondite trilogy which began with "Five Suns" and will be concluded by the release of "Elixirs" on Neurot Recordings in February 2008.

Here´s what was said about Black Oni first time round:

With this, their sixth album, Guapo have conjured a harrowingly complex and unflinchingly epic piece of work. Heady and hypnotic, driving and relentless, tumultuous and visceral, sonic and serene, the odyssey that is Black Oni encompasses many paradoxes in its massively dynamic scope. Picking up where they left off from their previous Cuneiform Records release Five Suns (2002), the band continue to expand on their palette of dexterous chamber-rock anomalies, modal transcendence, and apocalyptic death marches, and like it's predecessor, Black Oni is one singular piece of music, making it the second record in a trilogy of large-scale symphonic forms. Incorporating elements of prog, avant-garde jazz, kraut-rock, minimalism and a range of folk mediums from Britain to Indonesia, Guapo take their que from a disparate array of influences including Magma, King Crimson, Boredoms, Goblin, Sun Ra, Charlemagne Palestine, Univers Zero, This Heat, Olivier Messiaen and Popol Vuh. The a! ssembly of Dave Smith's explosive drum assaults, Matt Thompson's brazen and prowling bass throb, and Daniel O'Sullivan's ethereal keyboard reveries telepathically collide in an augury of rich and cinematic musical ceremony. Black Oni is Guapo's most monumentally unreserved offering to date.

Limited to 500 copies!


Datashock     001 [sold out]
    Aidan Baker + Leah Buckareff / Datashock
    performing a live improvisation in Darmstadt

    17,-- Euro + postage + handling.

    Ruth- Maria Adam : Violine, Glockenspiel, Accordion
    Pascal Hector : Voice, Guitar, Electronis, Drones
    Ronnie Oliveras : Voice, Pedal Electronics
    Martina Ripplinger : Voice, Kantele, Flutes
    Jan Werner : Guitar, Electronics
    Aidan Baker : Guitar, Electronics, Pedals
    Leah Buckareff : Bass Guitar, Long Bow

On this one-sided picture-12“ you can listen to a live improvisation of the two artists Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff in collaboration with the german band “Datashock”. This show took place on 05/21/2007 in Darmstadt, Germany.
That night the septet combined free sound improvisations and electro-acoustic music with psychedelic, traditional and cosmic frequences in a very particular and idiosyncratic manner.
The result is a 16 minutes long ensemble of sounds, an elegiacally gliding swirl of resounding, clacking, booming and billowing sounds, which intensely and hypnotically swells out of the boxes. Sometimes it produces a chaotic impression as percussion sounds, billowing whisper, nervous howling and creaking guitar sounds get hectically jumbeled. The music resounds constantly powerful and measured and mountains of dull sounds, mystic and drawn-out voices, which resemble electronically alienated Sufi rituals during a consciousness-expanding trip, arise. But it does not turn out to be endless singsong or even mere boring repetition. In short: It was a downright crazy, exciting and impressing experience, which, as it was eternalized on vinyl, developes its own special character.